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Oct 9, 2012 4:00pm PDT
under bain or when you were government of massachusetts. jobs, what are you talking about jobs for? you don't know anything about jobs, 47 out of 50 and we're in a fight with this guy? he's leading now? you're kidding me! part of the reason is progressives are more honest than conservatives. when conservatives lose a debate oh, no, we won we won. i don't care, we won. what do liberals do, they said you're right we lost. >> president obama was not prepared for his huge debate. this isn't about left, right good or bad, it's about coming to work to work. >> i think he was taken aback at the brazenness. >> i believe that mr. obama took a licking last night. the public knows that. he seemed not disinterested, but uninterested. he looked as if he really would rather be somewhere else. >> when you've got to lead, try to sit on the ball in basketball and you've got the lead, when you play conservative, you often lose the lead. >> the president bizarrely just failed to show up. >> i'm showing you one of the strongest headline, a full banner based on giving it completely to romney last night. >>
Oct 5, 2012 10:00pm PDT
that big bird was driving the federal government. >> cenk: great numbers unelement has fallen to a 44-month low to 7.8%. it used to be at 8.1% so we're finally below 8%. 114,000 jobs have been added and the july and august numbers added moreobobhich happepe all the t thisthss gat gewatew foror america. more people back at work. so of course the republicans are celebrating right? of course not. no way. they're panicked over it. oh, my god this is going to cause us this election. dammit, i can't believe more americans are working. now go to unbelieving. unbelievable jobs numbers. these chicago guys will do anything. can't debate, so change numbers. that's ironic coming from jack welsh because g.e. was fined by the fcc $50 million for cooking their books for about a decade. it began under jack welsh puerto rico i cook the books. i assume that they'll be as dirty as i am. >> you're saying that the administration is actively manipulating that data, correct? >> well, absolutely. >> i want to read you one tweet from jack welch who used to run general election. a man who most people would a
Oct 10, 2012 4:00pm PDT
them from the government. that's how walmart gives you prices that are so low. they put the costs on the rest of us. what are they doing? some of the employees are literally striking back. for the first time in 50 years there was a multi-city strike in walmarts across the country. one of the reasons why they were striking initially because they didn't have ceiling fans in the warehouse they were working in. do you know how hot the warehouse was? 120 degrees. put in ceiling fans for the love of christ. now there is a report in arkansas about some of these strikers. >> protesters figured they had seen every top honcho in the company if they showed up, and they did in mass. the protesters are with a group called "making changes in walmart." they came from dallas, miami san francisco, they're complaining about low wages lack of benefits, safety concerns and lack of opportunities for advancement. >> cenk: so now in cities across the country, dallas seattle miami, los angeles washington, d.c. san francisco sacramento laurel, maryland, theythere are strikers. employee ins across the worl
Oct 12, 2012 10:00pm PDT
of the way. >> that is such a twist on what americans are always saying. if the government will get out of the way. hello, they're government, and they're blocking the progress that they're trying to make. it was a beautiful twist. i loved how he raised 47% right out of the gate. something that we're all missing in the first debate. >> cenk: there is so much to like there. when he said look, you care about people, but show it to me in your policy. your policies don't indicate that. when i look at how aggressive he was, i thought it was what did you think. >> jennifer: i totally thought it was refreshing. but it wasn't just his enthusiasm and compassion, but he was specific about it. his energy was great. he brought it to people. you know, when he looked at the camera and talked about who do you trust? that was a--ump! >> cenk: exactly. the lead pipe was rhetorical attacks, but the blowtorch in my opinion was the substance and specifics. let's go to that. >> jennifer: you got more. >> with all due respect that is a bunch of malarky. not a similar thing he said is accurate. this is a bunc
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)